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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Pool Holograph Life by the Power Plant Sunroom
2. Blumes Big Bin Mind Flennen
3. Landowner Phantom Vibration Born Yesterday
4. Common Sage Saw Daddy Acrobat Unstable
5. Ditz Role Model Alcopop!
6. Dope Body Curve Drag City
7. Metz Hail Taxi Sub Pop
8. Peaks I ll Tell You That For Free Die Das Der
9. Feels Fine Terrible Idea Pt 4: Lump in My Throat Art of the Uncarved Block
10. Shelf Life Sip Self-released
11. Lomelda Hannah Sun Double Double Whammy
12. Miranda Winters Little Baby Dead Bird Exploding In Sound
13. Shame Alphabet Dead Oceans