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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Upper Wilds Love Song #3 Thrill Jockey
2. KIEFF Pink Paint Bottom Shelf
3. Smile Machine Pretty Today Exploding In Sound
4. Stuck Labor Leisure Exploding In Sound
5. Militarie Gun Fell On My Head Alternatives Label
6. Tarred Cell Parasite Self-released
7. The Uptights Swacket Keepsecretrecords
8. Luggage Lie Design Husky Pants
9. Sinwat Outer Space Super Wimpy Punch
10. Pip Blom It Should Have Been Fun Heavenly Recordings
11. Bad Bad Hats Detroit Basketball Don Giovanni
12. Wednesday Handsome Man Orindal
13. Pile I Don't Want to Do This Anymore Exploding In Sound