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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Man Or Astro-Man Space 1991 Earth Libraries
2. Black Dice White Sugar FourFour
3. Dead Finks (My Human) Extinction Urge
4. Rider/Horse Codelicker Ever/Never
5. John (Timestwo) Sibensko Powerhouse Brace Yourself
6. Christian Fitness Guildford Specfic Self-released
7. Cassels Mr Henderson Coughs God Unknown
8. Spirits Having Fun Hold The Phone Born Yesterday
9. Bad History Month Deep Bright Future Exploding In Sound
10. Julie Doiron You Gave Me the Key You ve Changed
11. Lily Konigsberg That s The Way I Like It Wharf Cat
12. Daisy Daisy Scuba Diver Kapitaal