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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Weird Nightmare Wrecked (feat. Bully) Sub Pop
2. Girls In Synthesis Bypassing Hound Gawd!
3. Editrix One Truck Gone Exploding In Sound
4. Pigeon Permanent Quest Mangel
5. Girlo Battery Self-released
6. Nouns Sentai Quarry Self-released
7. Vintage Crop The Bloody War Anti Fade
8. Goon Angelnumber 1210 Self-released
9. Wehatethesmiths A Self-released
10. Horse Jumper of Love Sitting on the Porch at Night Run For Cover
11. Pet Fox Checkout Out Exploding In Sound
12. Bad History Month Plati2de Julia s War
13. Friendship Hank Merge